Discovery Tours

Having travelled on several different coach tours we felt that there had to be a better way to introduce people to a country using a more personal, relaxed and in-depth approach. We didn’t like feeling like we were being herded about, saw far too many churches and temples, had to have our bags out to be picked up a crazy early hour, and lined up with 40 other people for the washroom during highway “coffee” stops. What kind of holiday was that?
WHO JOINS US? Anyone who has a desire to see and learn about a country beyond the usual tourist areas, experience the culture, meet the people, and are adaptable to different customs. Generally, our tour members are 45 years and up although generally, the demographics are 50’s and 60’s. We’ve had people in their 80’s join us – the key factor being active, adventurous and mobile.
FITNESS LEVEL: All of our tours include moderate physical activities such as short treks, lots of stairs, uneven surfaces, getting on and off boats, trains, etc. therefore enjoy our tours you must be in reasonably good physical condition and able to walk at a regular pace. We would be happy to discuss this with you before you book.
ACCOMMODATION: Comfortable hotels and resorts are chosen for their character, history and/or location opting for smaller ones when possible. Most are moderate (3 star) or better quality and all have a private bath.
TRANSPORTATION: We use mid-sized, modern, air-conditioned motor coaches driven by professional drivers. Some tours have “feature” transportation opportunities that may include short rides on a train, boat, truck, jeep, or tuk-tuk taxi to name some.
MEALS: Many, but not all, meals are included in order to provide some personal flexibility to order from a menu or strike off on your own. Although we eat many lunches together, they are not often included in the cost as we found that when they were prepaid the servings were large and the general feedback was that three large meals per day is too much food.

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