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Plan your Travel with Discovery Tours Est. 1995

Plan your Travel with Discovery Tours Est. 1995

When you go on a Discovery Tour, no matter where you're headed, we want to make sure we're doing a few things, like:

  • Giving back o the communities we visit
  • Creating one-of-a-kind experiences
  • Making choices that are plant-friendly
At Discovery Tours, we develop cultural adventures for those who want an in-depth perspective not found on standard travel excursions. Working with local contacts, we create one-of-a-kind experiences that enrich our tours in ways not possible for larger companies or independent travellers. These opportunities to interact with people not connected with tourism provide unique experiences for our tour participants and are often a highlight of the tour We are always warmly welcomed and leave knowing that we have been allowed a special 'peek inside' that tours visiting the same places week after week would never be able to offer.
And the best part? Like many of our travel experiences, we'll show you a whole new side to the destination you're in.

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