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Classic Colombia

Classic Colombia

February 22nd to March 9th, 2019 (10 seats left) – Escorted by Paulette Kelly

If there were ever a country that suffered from a case of seriously bad press, it’s Colombia. It’s not well known by travellers, so it feels like crossing one of the last frontiers of travel.

Colombia is ripe for discovery, and there is a little of everything: green valleys, golden beaches and snow-capped mountains, charming colonial towns, and incredibly friendly laid-back locals. There’s no better place to be if you’re looking to try fresh seafood, hike through the dazzling wax palm landscape, admire some of the best street art in the Americas, trek through a tropical forest where you might find monkeys, and relax on the beach of a Caribbean fishing village.

Be a part of the revitalization of this warm, welcoming country and come back with more stories than you’ll ever have time to tell.

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