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This is The Year of the Travel Agent.

This is The Year of the Travel Agent.

This is the year we celebrate their value to travelers worldwide, and we herald their significance to the world.

Travel and tourism is the greatest industry on earth, thanks, in no small part, to the dedication, expertise and hard work of travel agents.

This is the year we say, thank you! Thank you to the tens of thousands of travel agencies that are currently thriving like never before, their doors always open. Thank you to the millions of people using travel agents more now than ever. We’re grateful for the experience and expertise travel agents provide, which will always be more valuable than the cacophony of misinformation on the internet.

To travel agents near and far, we salute you.


1)Travel agents help you before, during and after the journey.

2)Travel agents are travel experts.

3)Travel agents provide peace of mind wherever you travel.

4)Travel agents have access to exclusive benefits.

5)Travel agents design personalized experiences for each unique traveler.

6)Travel agents cut through the clutter of the internet.

7)Travel agents read the fine print.

8)Travel agents study hard to become specialists.

9)Travel agents make your dollars travel further.

10)Travel agents are real people, accessible in real life.

11)Travel agents are globally connected.

12)Travel agents are passionate travelers, first and foremost.

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