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McPhail Travel Invites You To "Travel Manitoba" - Holiday Gifting

The impact of the global pandemic has been felt in so many ways. While the travel industry was especially sensitive to global change, we at McPhail Travel adapted quickly to change, with an innovative leader, by getting creative. We started to wonder, 'How can we bring a vacation to you?' So to shake things up, we created Un-Travel (adventures in a box).

We collaborated with a selection of Manitoba makers and artisans to include premier handmade products, in addition to designing a travel itinerary based on the 'destination' that the customer is traveling to. Similar to what one would expect on a guided sightseeing tour to France, or Hawaii...

Last year we had incredible support from the local community which lead to a partnership with Sobeys, Safeway and IGA, featuring 'The Manitoba Box' found on shelves throughout the province.

We want to continue creating the specialty boxes during the holiday season as a 'Limited Edition' product.

On Thursday, Nov 4th at 7:00 pm we will open pre-orders on our website, closing on November 19th. After this date, only a limited number of boxes will be available for purchase. Boxes will be ready for distribution at the start of December.

Wondering how it works? The specialty curated gift boxes come with a travel itinerary full of recipes, activities, and made-in-Manitoba goods, so that you can use the products to create hours of engaging fun.

As you open the box you are guided through every aspect from:
~ Creating the mood. Have you ever heard of a Murder Mystery Party where everyone plays the part with clothing, decor and music?
~ Tasting delicious beverages while you explore the outdoors, or sipping tea while tracking polar bears hunting for seals on Hudson Bay.
~ Learning to cook local delicacies such as Hawaiian Luau or French crepes.
~ Virtual tours, outdoor adventures such as hiking/skating or visiting provincial parks PLUS tips on how to make the experience exceptional!

Pricing at $75.00 each it is a fantastic option for corporate client appreciation gifts, employee gifts, and even something special for family and friends!

Any questions or special requests, please reach out to Cassandra at 204-727-2305 or via email

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