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McPhail Travel Tours 2022 and 2023

McPhail Travel Tours 2022 and 2023

For the first time in two years, the world finally feels open, and it’s about time! Some airlines just had their first quarter of positive earnings, the CDC finally lowered its warning for cruise ships, borders are reopening to tourism, and mandates are slowly being loosened. Are you ready?

McPhail Travel Small Group Tours *with a Manitoba led tour escort*

Maritime Mosaic: September 2022

Guatemala: January 28th to February 11th 2023

Costa Rica: February 11th to February 24th, 2023

Alaska Yukon Explorer: August 2023 
(Postponed to next summer due to the lingering Antigen testing to cross the US & Canada border. Tok is a difficult place to do this.)

Why Book with Us?
Small groups no larger than 20 passengers. Our groups are small enough to feel like you’re exploring a destination independently, but big enough to create a good social vibe.
Comfortable hotels chosen for their character, history and/or location opting for smaller ones when possible.
We use mid-sized, modern, air-conditioned motor coaches driven by professional drivers. 
Some tours have “feature” transportation opportunities that may include short rides on a train, boat, truck, jeep, or tuk-tuk taxi to name some.
Many, but not all, meals are included in order to provide some personal flexibility to order from a menu or strike off on your own.
The best small group adventures strike the perfect balance between planned activities and ‘you time’. After all, we don’t want to cramp your style – it’s your holiday. Although we do have an itinerary to stick to, there are always opportunities to make the journey a little more you.
While other group tours might drop you off at the Taj Mahal and leave you to fend for yourself, our expert local leaders will give you great value every step of the way. 

* If any of the tours are of interest, we would be happy to provide you with details as soon as plans are finalized! *

Please note that tour dates and availability could be subject to change.



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